Garage Floor Coatings of New Jersey applies Eco-CorFlex Clear Hydro-Poly Moisture Mitigation Industrial Coating, which is a state-of-the-art sealing and concrete staining system.This product is the most versatile, cost effective and durable sealing option available on the market today. It requires a one-time application only, avoiding the need for re-sealing year-after-year. This moisture barrier can be applied to concrete driveways, pavers, sidewalks, pooldecks, and patios.

Permanent Sealing and Concrete Staining coating systems involve one or more coats of the Eco-CorFlex Clear Hydro Poly Moisture Mitigation product.  This industrial 2-component, UV-stable, chemical resistant coating acts like a sealer but requires a one-time application only. Customers will avoid the need to re-seal year-after-year.  This sealer may be used on multiple surfaces including exposed aggregate, concrete, flagstone, paver stone, and decorative or stamped concrete.

Molecular Industrial Polymers

Chemical Resistant
Impermeable Densifier
One Time Application
Re-Seal Decorative Concrete
Seal Flagstone
Moisture Mitigation System
Molecular Bond
Two Component Coating
Low VOC/Low Odor
Eliminates Efflorescense
Calcium Chloride Resistant
Unlike typical sealers that last approximately one year before requiring a re-application, the Eco-CorFlex Clear Hydro-Poly is a permanent solution and proprietary to Garage Floor Coating dealers throughout the United States and in Canada.

People tend to seal and re-seal surfaces year after year, but not after using Garage Floor Coating’s Eco-CorFlex, a 2 component, UV stable, chemical resistant industrial coating that acts like a sealer with just a one-time application. This sealer can be used on a myriad of surfaces such as, exposed aggregate, concrete, flagstone, pavers (or paver stones), decorative or stamped concrete, and even previously coated surfaces.