Garage Cabinets

Get the most out of your garage with custom cabinets installed by Garage Floor Coating of The Main Line. We can transform your garage into a usable and versatile room in your home.  Professionally installed cabinets and organizers will maximize your usability and enjoyment of your garage.  Our high-quality, commercial grade cabinets with heavy-duty hardware can withstand practically anything.  We know the abuse a high-energy family and the crazy East Coast climate can dish out.  These cabinets are built to last and look fantastic!  Select from several color choices.

Unclutter Your Life – Garage Organization

The first reason as to why everyone should renovate their garage is to clean up and organize the years of accumulated junk and mess overpowering your garage space.  A lot of us use the garage as our domestic dumping room, a place where we put things we don’t immediately need but we are saving for a future date.  Well, if the things in your garage have been sitting in there for more than two years and you have not used them, then is time to reduce the clutter and throw it away or donate it to someone who can put it to a better use.  Throwing away or donating all your junk, will clear up your much needed space.

Increase the Value of Your Home – Garage Remodeling

Any time you remodel or renovate your home or part of it you’re actually increasing its value – so when you remodel your garage you’re doing the same exact thing.  Remodeling your garage in most cases doesn’t require permits and will not cause your taxes to increase.  Not only does it increase your home’s value, it’s an additional selling point and people on the most part are extremely impressed if you have a nice garage that’s actually organized – it says a lot about the current homeowner’s personality and how much they care about their home – this will very likely increase the chances of selling your home for an added cost.

Do You Have Enough Space?  Get Some More!

People always find themselves short on space especially if you have a family.  Families are dynamic and they keep on growing – while your family grows your living and storage space decreases.  The garage is a great place to use as an added room whether it is a playroom for kids, workshop, or storage area.  In a lot of cased, the garage is probably the largest room in your house and it’s not utilized correctly.  By donating some of your stuff, throwing some of it away, organizing the rest and putting stuff overhead or in wall mounted cabinets, you’re adding much needed real estate to your home.

Don’t You Just Want a Really Cool Garage?

Garage remodeling options can be extremely broad these days.  You can keep it simple by coating the floor and repainting the walls or you can go for a nice wall system that will take care of all your garage storage needs. Garage Floor Coating of The Main Line is one of the best companies in the market today to transform your garage.

Using cabinets, wall systems or ceiling mounted racks allow you to pretty much put anything you want in specific areas of the garage depending on how often you use the items.  Items used daily will be stored on wall-mounted organization systems with garage hooks, storage baskets, bike hooks or in cabinets with doors to remove them from plain sight.  Items used only on holidays can be stored on overhead rack systems to increase the usable floor space.

The best thing about the systems we install is that it’s completely dynamic.  You can add items as go so you can ultimately start off by having us install a floor coating.  When you are ready, you can always as racks and cabinets when the budget allows.  The best place start is to create a plan.  Clear out your garage, take an inventory of your things, and get rid of what you don’t need.  This could be a huge project in some cases but take your time as this process can reduce your clutter by a large percentage.  At this stage, it might be beneficial to hire a professional organization company to help as they will be impartial and not emotionally attached to anything.