Are your patio pavers dull, discolored, hard to keep clean? Now, Garage Floor Coating of New Jersey has a one time application product that will outlast competing sealers. Our two component system is a permanent coating that restores the original color of your paver, giving it that wet look.

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We will clean and prepare your paver patio for our one time application. Most patios can be cleaned and sealed the same day. Once your pavers are sealed, moisture will not penetrate the surface, leaving a permanent penetrating bond to the surface of your paver patio. We can also add a complimentary tint to the sealer to enhance the final color. An example would be a grey paver would have a grey pigment added to the sealer, and a brown pave would have some brown pigment added to the sealer. This is a subtle, but effective way to restore old worn pavers.

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