Resturant-Floor-300x200They are ideal for warehouse floors, hallways, laboratories, clean rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, pet containment areas, offices, paver patio and walkways, entrance ways, dining areas, food manufacturing, food preparation areas, service areas, shops, automotive and printing plants.

Our product line offers the end user complete commercial and industrial solutions. From the most technical of products and systems to simply sealing a warehouse surface, we can specify the proper application to meet your needs and budget requirements.

The Process

In just 2 to 4 days, you can have a garage that not only looks great but one that will add aesthetic and financial value to your home. Garage Floor Coatings of New Jersey uses the highest quality products that consist of proprietary-blends of 100% Solids Industrial Polymers. These industrial grade coatings not only protect the concrete from weathering, cracking, oil and other chemicals, but they are aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean and maintain. Many of the coating materials we use in our processes are low or zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Stage One – Each of our technicians is experienced in evaluating and preparing the concrete floor to meet our rigorous standards. The first stage of our coating process is the most critical to a durable finish. It begins with our certified and experienced technicians preparing the concrete surface with a mechanical abrasion, diamond grinding, in conjunction with dust reducing equipment. This step is required to achieve a porous and contaminant-free surface. We then perform any necessary crack, divot and joint repairs with an elastomeric sealer.

Stage Two – The next stage involves applying a primer “bond” coat to the prepared concrete. The material used is dependent on moisture readings taken at various stages of the prep process, creating a molecular bond with the concrete surface.

Stage Three – Once the bond coat has cured sufficiently, our technicians apply a polymer color coat and broadcast decorative poly-vinyl chips to the wet color coat. This coating is left to fully dry overnight.

Stage Four – The following day, our technicians prepare the previous day’s coating for the subsequent clear coat(s) by sanding and/or scraping the chips to achieve the desired texture.

Stage Five – They will follow this up with one or two clear Poly-Hybrid coats, depending on the coating system specified.

Stage Six (If Applicable) – The surface is lightly sanded and an additional clear coat is applied. This completes the coating process and the surface can return to light service 24 hours later and heavier service including vehicular traffic 48 hours after completion. Various types of anti-skid media can be applied at the customer’s request to achieve varying profiles.

Maintenance – There is no required ongoing maintenance or re-applications to our coatings. However, we do recommend periodic cleaning of the coating.